Welcome to work with us!

You can be starting out in your career or already have some, or a great deal of, experience under your belt. We offer interesting job opportunities for professionals in many fields.

The majority of our staff are bus drivers. In addition, we employ heavy vehicle mechanics at our own garage, as well as administrative staff and supervisors in our offices.

We value equality and diversity in the work community. It's not where you are from that matters to us, it's the professionalism and attitude you put into your work.

From time to time, we need new, skilled staff, and you can find job advertisements from the link. From the same link, you can also find an open form, which allows us to contact you if a job suitable for your professional skills and interest becomes available.

Pohjolan Liikenne as an employer

We are a reliable and responsible employer. Our staff is a great group of professionals, and we want to be the best and most desirable workplace for them.

When joining Pohjolan Liikenne, new employees receive good and thorough guidance and orientation. They get acquainted with how we do things, learn about traffic zones - and of course get to know each other.

Pohjolan Liikenne trains new drivers in cooperation with the industry's leading training providers. Training leading to a further vocational qualification for bus drivers is highly valued in the field. At Pohjolan Liikenne, staff are offered diverse tasks and also opportunities to progress in their careers.

We offer great benefits

We offer our employees a secure workplace in independent and responsible customer service work.

The work of a bus driver includes, for example, the following benefits:

  • Competitive and equal pay
  • Stable work
  • Independent and responsible work
  • Modern fleet

Other benefits we offer to our staff:

  • Supported recreational activities for staff
  • Diverse occupational health care services in different locations
  • Rautatuki Säätiö foundation's holiday resorts
  • Eazybreak culture and sports fringe benefits

Driver training

Do you value customer-oriented, free and responsible work and have a driving licence for at least a passenger car? Come and study to become a bus driver for Pohjolan Liikenne. We carry out training in cooperation with the leading training providers in the field.

Admission requirements for training leading to a further vocational qualification for bus drivers:

• Category B or C driving licence • meeting the health requirements specified in the decree on driving licences • criminal record extract • 21 years of age

The training is versatile and provides the opportunity to operate in city, long-distance or chartered traffic. In the training, you will learn about handling the vehicle, customer service, the traffic and operating environments of Pohjolan Liikenne, ticket sales, cargo handling and bus service points.

Pohjolan Liikenne offers jobs to those who have completed the training and workplace education successfully. The employment rate of bus drivers who have completed the training is almost 100%, and they have adapted well to our working environment.

Become a bus driver with an apprenticeship agreement

You can also complete a qualification in logistics with an apprenticeship agreement. It's suitable for both young people and adults. An apprenticeship agreement is a fixed-term contract between the employer and the student, in which the student is trained at the workplace. The apprenticeship agreement is accompanied by a personal study programme, which is drawn up on the basis of the qualification criteria approved by the Finnish National Agency for Education. The training also includes knowledge-based studies, which are carried out either in a vocational institution or an adult education centre. During the working periods of the apprenticeship training, the student is paid a salary in accordance with the collective agreement. An apprenticeship leading to a qualification lasts from one to three years. Previous training and work experience reduce the training time. (source: kuljetusala.com)

If you are interested in apprenticeship training at Pohjolan Liikenne, contact the traffic manager of the region you are interest in and ask for more information. You can find the contact details below.

The number of apprenticeship places is limited. We cooperate with Työtehoseura (TTS), among others.

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